Pedro F. Vittes


Work Experience

Software Development

Peruvian Navy

Nuclear Engineering






Retired Peruvian Navy Captain qualified in Weapons Systems and Mechanical Engineering.

Master of Science in Nuclear Reactor Engineering and Science, University of London.

Over eight years experience in data processing, Fox Pro 2.6, Visual Fox Pro 3.0a,  5.0, 6.0, 7.0, ASP, Cold Fusion, MS SQL server 7.0., MS Office Automation.

Application Programming and algorithm development experience, for inventory, accounting, dynamic programming, and simulation.

Ten years experience as consultant and teacher in maintenance, quality control and operations programming and scheduling.  Top

Work experience 

Software Development

i.t. Works Inc. (1999-2002)  Fairfax, VA

Senior Computer Analyst/ Programmer. Redesign and rewrite an old Fox Pro for DOS application to use MS SQL 7.0 backend, code SQL server Stored Procedures, using Visual Fox Pro 6.0 or the client side.  Program the conversion of the old database to the new structure.  Develop a Web based timesheet application using Cold Fusion, java script, MS SQL 7.0 Server and Fusebox design guidelines.   Support clients using SBT accounting system, with customized reports, 401k administration data, tasks automation , electronic tax data collection, financial reports, and version upgrades. 

EU Services (1996-1999)  Rockville, MD

Computer Analyst/ Programmer. Design and program applications for Customer Inventory Control, Billing System, Scheduling Managerial Reports and Job Tracking in Visual Fox Pro, including ODBC connections to MACOLA accounting system btrieve tables. 

Tonya Inc./ Henderson Assoc. (1995- 1996) Washington D.C.

Computer Analyst/ Programmer - Developed design specifications for US Department of Transport in management information software. Programmed in Fox Pro for Windows.

American Airlines (1994 - 1995) Lima, Peru

Established a Database and produced the necessary software for the accounting area (daily reports, statistics of agents and agencies and other on line information), in Fox Pro.

Escuela de Administracion de Negocios Para Graduados (ESAN).  (1989 - 1993)

Head of team in charge of the development and integration of a computerized system for the Quality Control and Production Areas for Cia Nacional de Cerveza. Top

Peruvian Navy (1970 -1994)  Lima, Peru

Head of the Assessment Department at The Naval Operations Command in 1993.

Head of the Peruvian Navy Procurement Office at US Navy Logistics Control Office in Philadelphia, USA during 1991 and 1992.

Commanding Officer of a Missile Launching Ship from July 1987 to Dec. 1988.

Division Officer of General Staff - Planning, Programming and Budgeting from January to June 1987, in charge of coordinating and preparing the proposal to the congress of the Navy Budget for 1988 based on the proposed goals and operational costs. Top


Nuclear Engineering (1975-1982)  Lima, Peru

Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (IPEN)

(IPEN is the Peruvian government regulatory agency in nuclear energy)

Various Nuclear Engineering related positions. Top


Peruvian Naval Academy (1966-1970) Lima, Peru

Graduated as Ensign, top of the class out of 81

Naval War College (1984) Lima, Peru

Full time student at the Command and Staff program, top of the class out of 41.

University of London (1976 - 1977) London, England

Full time student at Queen Mary College/ Imperial College of Science and Technology, joint M.Sc. program in Nuclear Reactor Engineering and Science.

Other Education

Fast Track to Cold Fusion (2000)

Quality Assurance-International Atomic Energy Agency Program

Project Evaluation and Management

Mechanical Engineering - Navy Post Graduate School

Weapons Systems Engineering- Navy Post Graduate School  Top

Teaching (1975-1994) 

Over five years Platform experience in operations, maintenance, quality control and mathematics and engineering in the following schools and universities:

Escuela de Administracion de Negocios Para Graduados (ESAN).

Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (IPEN).

Universidad Nacional Tecnica del Callao - Peru.

Peruvian Navy Post Graduate School. Top